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Helping the planet has never been so easy!Carbon Negative Hempblocks Production Machinery

Gervasi has always been attentive to the problem of environmental pollution, first revolutionizing the solar energy market in the 90s with one of the first solar trackers in the world, then producing renewable energy for the production plants of concrete blocks, thus reducing the emissions of its plants and allowing customers to reach zero emissions.

Not polluting is not enough, so in 2021 Gervasi, taking advantage of the global pandemic situation, employed its designers in the construction of a unique plant in the world capable of producing building blocks in biotechnologies with negative emissions!

Not only does the Gervasi green building system not produce pollution, it disposes of it!
The hemp blocks, a novelty in the field of building construction, are able to absorb CO2 emissions, hence the name carbon-negative!



Tonnes of Co2 Saved

  • Thermal insulation and heat accumulation
  • Soundproofing
  • Air humidity regulation
  • 100% recyclable
  • Resistant to rodents and insects

The biocomposite is transformed into blocks by cold vibro pressing. The silica contained in the hemp binds with the calcium and magnesium present in the lime, resulting in a mineralization of the material.

Many companies are entering the world of ecological construction, both for economic interests and for sensitivity to environmental issues.
Gervasi therefore sets itself the goal of helping these, often young, entrepreneurs to find the right solution to produce efficiently, ecologically and in a profitable way.

A cubic meter of blocks absorbed 50kg of co2 during the growth of hemp.
It is not only ecological, but also technically efficient and modern. From a structural and insulating point of view, more and more states are encouraging the cultivation, production and use of eco-friendly materials



It is not drugs!
Technical hemp is often confused with that used for other purposes that are often not lawful and legal.
Technical hemp is legal in all countries of the world, in fact it does not contain active ingredients, it is the same used to make clothes, ropes and much more.
Although the two plants may look identical to the eye, there is nothing that unites them except appearance.
Many states where the law strictly prohibits the production of cannabis are among the top producers of technical hemp!


  • Hempcrete used in construction
  • Other Ecologic materials
Table 3. Summary of the mechanical tests results.

Test A6430.2990.4140.033112,495
Test B6980.0800.1460.04313387
Test C7530.1920.3570.035012,190
Test D6380.48360.62220.052515,070
Test E5610.45020.73180.070018,570
m: Apparent volumic mass (kg/m3); σf: flexural strength (MPa); σc: compression strength (MPa); εcu: limit compressive strain; Ec: equivalent Young’s modulus (KPa).
MDPI and ACS Style

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