FAST and Powerful MXL!

MXL - Big production in small spaces!

The mxl series (machine + automation modules) was designed for the production of large volumes, reducing costs and labor.
Its automatic extensions controlled by state-of-the-art PLCs used for the production of concrete elements, fly ash and aggregates.
The Multilayer technology also known as “Fresh on Fresh” allows, thanks to its high potential, to print fresh products directly on those of the previous production cycle, so as to have pallets ready to be packaged and shipped in record time; therefore without the need to have a separate line for drying and packaging.
The integration of an alternative “classic” line is however possible and advisable in order not to preclude any possibility of production.


GXL 370

Max pallet size (mm) 1150×600
production area (mm) 1120×580
Max vibrator power (Kw) 22
Hydraulic motor size (Kw) 37
Upper vibrator option (Kw) 7,5
Hydraulic proportional option (Kw) Yes
Quick mold change (optional) Yes
Multilayer device option Yes
Minimum product height (mm) 30
Maximum product height (mm) 200
Cycle time (sec) 14 to 30
  • Pallet 1150x600mm
  • Production area 1120x580mm
PRODUCTION Per pallet Per Hour Per Shift 8h (90%)
Paver H6 (m²) 0,5 120 865
Paver Double Layer (m²) 0,5 90 650
Max pallet size (mm) 1150×1150
production area (mm) 1120×1120
Max vibrator power (Kw) 45
Hydraulic motor size (Kw) 45
Upper vibrator option (Kw) 11

Pallet 1150x1150mm

Production area 1120×1120

PRODUCTION Per pallet Per Hour Per Shift 8h (90%)
Paver H6 (m²) 1 220 1585
Paver Double Layer (m²) 1 180 1300
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