Block Making Machines

Big production in small spaces. Designed for large volumes and special products, with cutting-edge technology aimed to reduce production costs.

Gervai MXL 1100 Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine Plant

The MXL SERIES was designed for large volumes, reducing costs and labor with end-to-end automation modules controlled by state-of-the-art PLCs.

The Multilayer technology, also known as “Fresh on Fresh”, allows pressing fresh products directly on those of the previous production cycle, allowing to have pallets ready to be packaged and shipped in record time, without the need to have a separate line for drying and packaging.

The integration of an alternative “classic” line is possible and advisable, in order to not preclude any possibility of production.

Another crucial point in the design of MXL was to leave the opportunity to producers not to necessarily invest in a complete line in a single moment, but to be able to divide the investment into different years, thus allowing the MXL to pay itself and enabling it to receive future extensions.

Technical specs

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Models productivityMXL MULTILAYER SERIES is by far one of the most productive machines on the market, thanks to its fully automated modules managed by cutting-edge technology.

MXL 555 MXL 1100
Max vibrator power  (kW) 22 45
Hydraulic motor size  (kW) 37 45
Upper vibrator option  (kW) 7,5 11
Proportional hydraulic option
Quick mold change option
Multilayer device option
Minimum product height (mm) 30 30
Maximum product height (mm) 200 200
Cycle time (sec) 14 to 30 15 to 30

MXL 555

Pallet size: 1.150 X 600 mm
Production area: 1.120 X 580 mm

Product Pallet Shift 8h-90% Concr m³/h
Paver H6 0,5 m² 865 m² 6,7
Paver H6 double layer 0,5 m² 650 m² 5,2

MXL 1100

Pallet size: 1.150 x 1.150 mm
Production area: 1.120 x 1.120 mm

Product Pallet Shift 8h-90% Concr m³/h
Paver H6 1 m² 1.585 m² 12,8
Paver H6 double layer 1 m² 1.300 m² 10,5

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FULL AUTOMATIC LINEAR PLANTAll Gervasi products were conceived to be assembled in modular automatic plants, allowing it to be adapted to any space and workload.

Gervasi Block Machine complete line

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Block Making Machine Automatic Plant
Elevator Multilayer Block Machine Pallet table recovery system Turntable system Table cleaning procedure Control Room GRK - Aerial Bucket TR - Automatic transborder ST - Heavy duty stacker


This automated pallet Elevator, in couple with the Fingercar and the Lowerator will take care of the whole stocking and curing procedure.


This multilayer option allows the possibility to expand the production range by obtaining stratified products. This, among other things, allows you to have multiple colors pavers

Block Machine

In the picture, the best selling vibropress, BX 1200.

The core of the system, fully integrated with the rest of the line.

Ask more informations to our customer service to have full support and informations!

Pallet table recovery system

This smart "Magnetic Robot", in couple with the pallet storage will stock and feed the cleaned tables to the vibropress at the desired rate

Turntable system

This simple but yet very effective operation will extend the life of your tables, optimizing the whole procedure.

Table cleaning procedure

Those brushes are the most important part in having a clean system, thanks to our experience the speed and the brushes are custom made to obtain best result in cleaning the tables, no matter the vibroformed materials

Control Room

"Brain" of the entire line our control room has been designed considering not only the technological integration and the possibility of centralizing the feedback from every part of the plant, but also the well-being of the operators, guaranteeing a clean and quiet place in which to work

GRK - Aerial Bucket

Space and energy saving this aerial hopper or "Travelling Bucket" it's the smartest way to transport concrete from the dosage line to the press unit

TR - Automatic transborder

Fully automatic, this heavy load transborder will take care of stocking fresh products in the curing rooms, unstocking dried ones and providing a continuous intake to the pallettization line.

ST - Heavy duty stacker

Always keeping safety first as a priority, this machine, being subject to severe wear, has evolved over the years to ensure the least possible maintenance using components of the highest quality

Block making machine series


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