Dynamic vibration system with power, frequency and amplitude wave form control that can be manual or automatic.

Resonance sensor and accelerometers system to prevent damage to the mould.

This series was conceived for an automatic installation of linear production

The quality of materials and manufacturing process are the same of Gxl and exceed European and American standards.

The Bx series includes engineering solutions with a robust configuration and simplicity in operations, keeping most of the solutions applied in the Gxl series:

High rigidity frame with structural stainless steel

Agitator and feeding drawer with hydraulic cylinder

Dual axis vibrator with electronic synchronism

Heavy-duty hydraulic system with power and speed control

High efficiency and productivity

Fast mould change (15 minutes)

Made with more 95% ISO standard avaiable on the market

Low maintenance cost


Production Pallet Shift 8h-90% concr m³/h
BX 345 Pallet 700x520mm – Production area 680x500mm
Pallets per shift 1950
Hollow block 14x19x39 4 7020pcs 5,4
Hollow block 19x19x39 3 5265pcs 4,7
Hollow block 9x19x39 7 12285pcs 7,3
Paver H6 0,3 526,5m² 4,1

BX 545

Pallet 1100x450mm – Production area 1080x430mm 
Pallets per shift 1900
Hollow block 14x19x39 7 11970pcs 9,3
Hollow block 19x19x39 5 8550pcs 7,6
Hollow block 9x19x39 11 18810pcs 11,2
Paver H6 0,46 786,6m² 6,1
BX 655 Pallet 1250x550mm – Production area 1230x530mm 
Pallets per shift 1900
Hollow block 14x19x39 8 13680pcs 10,6
Hollow block 19x19x39 6 10260pcs 9,2
Hollow block 9x19x39 12 20520pcs 12,2
Paver H6 0,55 940,5m² 6,1
BX 885 Pallet1250x850mm – Production area 1230x830mm 
Pallets per shift 1850
Hollow block 14x19x39 12 19980pcs 15,5
Hollow block 19x19x39 9 14985pcs 13,4
Hollow block 9x19x39 18 29970pcs 17,8
Paver H6 0,82 1365,3m² 10,6
BX 1100 Pallet 1250x1100mm – Production area 1230x1080mm 
Pallets per shift 1700
Hollow block 14x19x39 21 32130pcs 24,9
Hollow block 19x19x39 15 22950pcs 20,5
Hollow block 9x19x39 33 50490pcs 30,1
Paver H6 1,2 1836m² 14,2
BX 1200 Pallet 1250x1250mm – Production area 1230x1230mm 
Pallets per shift 1750
Hollow block 14x19x39 24 37800pcs 29,3
Hollow block 19x19x39 18 28350pcs 25,3
Hollow block 9x19x39 36 56700pcs 33,8
Paver H6 1,51 2378,25m² 18,4