Concrete compression testing

Portable and fix testing machines

Once all the production operations are concluded the only thing remains to do is testing our concrete product,

Gervasi gives you the chance of having the best compressive strenght tester on the market even in a portable version.

The results can be directly viewed on the machine itself or remotely, in your control room thanks to the optional wireless controll .

Safety first! The hydraulic pump, the control screen and the loading control valve are positioned on the right on the machine, giving easy and safe access to the loading operations, the tremble stabilizer makes the testing machine, as every other hydraulic pump operated machines by GERVASI, silent and quiet giving to the operators a better workplace to work in.

The safety glass has been tested several times to give the certainty of the safety.

Our machines meet or exceed the safety rules including the ASTM C39 requirements and ACI 368.

The machine is also customizable to meet every ISO requirement, ask for one of our specialized technician to find the best solution for you.

The only product in the market capable of testing the compressive strenght till 5000Kn, perfect for every situation!


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