Our weight module set is composed by two or more feed hoppers, weighing scale drawer with load cell, vibrators, pneumatic cylinders and conveyor band.

The experience of Gervasi Italia Robotics Holding will help the customer during the design of the best configuration possible, considered avaiable spaces, production needs and the desired level of automatization.

Researchers by the company finds every day new ways to make the whole process smarter and faster.

Thanks to the many fields of interest of the company, it will be really easy to fully design the plant, from the energy supply to the palletizzation of the product.

Our Solar Panel can provide the highest percentage possible of green energy to the plant, the ISO parts and the technological control system will make your company up with the times.

The very high quality of the components used for the realization of GERVASI Dispensers lead them to be the leader in tests and daily use.

Always in step with the times, user friendly interface and optional remote control are just two of the features that make our dosing systems the easiest to use.

in fact, the customized interface is designed and “sewn” according to the needs of your company, taking into consideration pre-existing machines, production capacity and the qualifications of the personnel.

The control modules can be centralized or divided into the various production sectors, it is It is also possible to request the implementation of statistics plugins which will provide you with the production data required for planning at a predetermined frequency.