Flying bucket - GRK


GRK - Silent and space saver

Once the compound is prepared, the criticality becomes transportation to the place of transformation, timing and logistics become crucial in order to obtain a good final product and optimize timing.

Various transport methods can be applied, including conveyor belts, suction pumps or automated carts.

Depending on the need and configuration of your system, GERVASI Spa technicians can help you to find the best system.

Flagship of the company is the GERVASI Travelling Bucket, in fact, mounting a “flying” rail frees up space crucial for the internal logistic and the workers space, thus making all transport operations safer and faster.

Ease of cleaning and maintenance, speed in transport, reduction of reconfiguration times during the “change of dough” and exploitation of small spaces make it the most installed solution by our customers.

Moreover, the aerial trolleys are completely automated, allowing control from the supervision booth or from any intermediate positions.

The high quality of the bearings and of the other materials used make our products more silent than those competing.

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