Pan Granulator – Pelletizer disc

The easiest to use and more versatile pellettizer disc on the market

Pan Granulator - Pelletizer Disc

Raw materials in powder are dumped into the disc top to create a homogeneous particle core which then, thanks to gravity, centrifugal force, cohesive and plastic forces become pellets in the desired dimension.

Thanks to the tumbling approach, the core grows while adding raw materials in powder; Due to the cohesion of the substance and the spontaneous volatilization of the coating liquid on the surface, the pellet density is ensured. The pellets with different diameters will roll down from the disc edge at different angles allowing differentiation, edge height, rotation speed, and moisture are parameterizable.

A pellettizer disc during installation
Pelletizer disc during installation

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Disco pelletizer back and Front
Spray System Rotating Scraper Hardox Plated Disk Hardox Chute Sideway Movement Sleight Tilt Pivot High Resistance Belt Independent Hydraulic Unit Tilt Hydraulic Cylinder

Spray System

Spray System for Disk Pelletizer

Binding agents spray flow is adjustable ensuring the needed granulometry

Rotating Scraper

Scraper used to avoid buildups material in a disk pellettizer

Rotating plow to remove any material buildup

Hardox Plated Disk

Pelletizer disk wear plates and steel net.

Easy to clean and to change those "Hardox Tiles" were developed to avoid wear of the plates and to reduce material buildup. The special iron net help obtaining the desired pellets dimensions, 8+ net models are available during Disk customizzation

Hardox Chute

Hardox chute for pellettizer disc also known as pan granulator

Made in Hardox, this special chute is developed to reduce wear and thanks to its special design will allow sorting the pellets in the desired dimensions discharging them directly into a hopper.

Sideway Movement Sleight

The double stand allows the entire disc to be moved to the right and left for small adjustments, this flexibility allows maximum freedom in deciding the granulometry of the product and facilitates its division by the thickness

Tilt Pivot

Disk pivot with encoder

40 to 60° automatic inclination with high precision encoder!

High Resistance Belt

Pellettizer disk transmission system

Redundant high resistance belt with anti-slip transmission safety system

Independent Hydraulic Unit

Gervasi hydraulic units are independent

This independent hydraulic unit allows maximal safety when operating, even in case of a pipe rupture.


Tilt Hydraulic Cylinder

High temperature resistant, safety system to avoid pressure drops. This specially designed cylinder will keep the last position even with a severe accident, this will prevent the disk from tilting unexpectedly.

Technical specs

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